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Can You Junk A Car Without Keys?

Can You Junk A Car Without Keys?

Do you want to scrap your car? And has lost its keys somewhere? then one common question arises: Can you junk a car without keys? The short answer is yes, you can, it’s not a deal breaker because having keys is just a sign of ownership but while scrapping a car you have to provide documents. You just have to follow these guidelines and the scrap yard or auto recycling company will be ready to junk your car without keys:

  • Buy New Keys: The best solution is to hire a locksmith who can make a new key for your car.
  • Ownership Documentation: The most crucial aspect of junking any vehicle, regardless of whether you have the keys, is proving ownership documents. You will typically need the title to the vehicle, which serves as legal proof of ownership. If not have a title to the vehicle then read this detailed article and know how you can scarp a car without a title.
  • Transportation: Without keys, transporting the vehicle to the junkyard might be more challenging, but it’s not impossible. While getting a quote from the Scrap Yard or Auto Recycling company tell them that you don’t have the keys so that they arrange for the vehicle to be picked up.

Effect on Price

You know after purchasing a car the buyer or scrapyard will take it to their place. But loading the heavy car onto the tow truck might be trickier without keys. Junkyards may use specialized equipment, which could affect the price you get. Since the car can’t be easily tested without keys, junkyards might value it as a non-running vehicle, leading to a lower payout.

Scrap a Car Without Keys

If you don’t have the keys to the vehicle then you can junk your car without keys. Here are some steps you can follow:

  • Contact a Junkyard: Reach out to a reputable junkyard like Junk Car Brampton and provide them with the necessary documentation. They accept cars without keys or even titles. You can contact us by filling out the form, mail or call us at (647)-931-2226.
  • Schedule Pickup: Once you choose a junkyard, schedule a pickup date and time.
  • Wait for Them: Stay at the agreed destination while the scrapyard team arrives to pick up the car.
  • Provide Documentation: Typically, the scrapyard handles the paperwork, so provide them with basic documents like the title, bill of sale, etc.
  • Get Paid: Try to get paid on the spot via bank transfer or cash.


Selling a junk car without keys is possible but it takes some extra effort. By following the steps mentioned above and providing the necessary documentation, you can legally dispose of your scrap vehicle and get some cash in return.

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